Bacolod; a developed and environment friendly local government unit, where God fearing and empowered people living harmoniously and peacefully, enjoying quality life, ably guided by a dynamic local leadership.


To invite capitalists and maximize utilization of resources for the realization of various Economic, Social, Infrastructure, Stewards of Environment and God Governance endeavor towards a religious implementation of programs and projects.

General Goal Statement

Social Sector

God-fearing and empowered people, living harmoniously peaceful enjoying quality life in a balance environment.

Sub-Sector Goals:


An environment friendly community empowered with enterprise livelihood project provided to families living below poverty line


A healthy and strong family living harmoniously


God-fearing people living in modified housing assistance.


Highly educated and empowered people


Empowered and physically fit citizenry endowed with self discipline

Protective Services:

Enhanced capacities of protective services personnel through  training and seminars


Economic Sector

A developed and environment friendly economy


Sub-Sector Goals:


Increased production through organic farming and maximum utilization of marine resources by taking care of marine protected areas.



Enhanced capacities of protective services personnel through  training and seminars


Tree planting and growing activities continued and enhanced especially in water shed areas.


Developed Tourist spots centralized on natural and historical habitats

General Public Services:

To upgrade information technology in the local government unit.

Development Services and Accountability |System for Excellent Performance

Maintain reasonable working condition

Maintenance of peace and order for further development

Strategic Planning Workshop

Conduct training on Updating the Local Revenue Code

Conduct trainings and seminars on e-legislation software.

Training and seminar on quasi-judicial functions

Physical Land Used Development (Natural and Built-In Environment)

Harmonious, peaceful and enjoying quality life in a balance environment


To establish material recovery facilities in the 16 barangays within the municipality.


Availability of an all weather road from farm to the market

Water Supply:

Safe water supply system utilized and provision of safe water supply system to waterless baranngays.


Continued upgrading of communication services and  Information Technology

Solid Waste Management:

Segregation at source and functional material recovery facilities