I am proud to say that Bacolod is a developing Eco-Friendly Municipality! This is a vision with a strong dedication that brings encouragement to us. It is with this reason why we are actively promoting programs which are beneficial to the environment and DRR-CCA such Bacolod Greening Program, Integrated Coastal Management and the Ecological Solid Waste Management.

I always said that I am pro-development but I want to clarify that, it must be responsible development. By responsible development, it means sustainable way of progressing – in such a manner that the environment is not laid at stake or the fate of the future generations is not being compromised.

Biodiversity Protection and Management initiaves  sums up the actions and strategies of the Municipality of Bacolod towards sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation management. Truly, this could not be successfully implemented by the government alone; it needs the determined endeavor of the government, the private sector and the civil society. I count on every Bacolodnon to help protect and manage God’s gift to us – OUR NATURAL RESOURCES.

Thank you and more Power! Bacolod, Padayon Pagsidlak!

Engr. Joselito E. Miquiabas
Municipal Mayor