A great portion of the 10, 410 hectares of the Municipality is planted with coconut trees. These 7, 880.8170 ha actually been planted with coco trees with an under cropping of bananas, root crops, fruit trees and commercial trees. A small portion is being utilized as rice fields especially in Barangays Rupagan and Esperanza. Patches of corn fields are also found in Barangays Esperanza, Pagayawan, Dimarao, Babalaya and Mate, while the other portion of the land is being utilize as residential area.


Table5. Legal Status of Land Resources

Land Classification Area Coverage (ha) Share to Total (%)
Alienable and Disposable None
Timberland None
Total 100

LGU: Bacolod, Lanao del Norte



Table6. Existing General Land Use Distribution

Land Use Category Area Coverage (ha) Share to Total (%)
Agricultural Croplands

1.      Rice Lands

a.       Irrigated

b.      Non-irrigated

2.      Coconut Lands

a.       Coconut mainly

b.      Coconut with shrubs

c.       Coconut with pineapple


3 has.




7, 880. 8170 has.

LGU: Bacolod, Lanao del Norte



Table7. Flooded and Flood-Free Areas

Degree of flooding Area (ha) Percent to Total
No Flooding None
Slight seasonal flooding
Severe seasonal flooding

LGU: Bacolod, Lanao del Norte