Bacolod is a fourth class municipality with a population of 19,870 as of 2007 Census on Population. With the advent of the KALAHI-CIDSS/KKB and the KALAHI-CIDSS/MT  Program, almost all barangays in the municipality have benefited through infrastructure development. These program, helps the barangays improved their respective farm to market roads, barangay health stations and day care centers.


Farm to Market Roads

Barangay roads in the different barangays serves as its farm to market roads. If properly maintained, these roads helps much in the mobility of the farmers in transporting their farm products to the market.

Inventory of Barangay Roads, Municipal Roads, Provincial Roads and National Roads

Name / location Classification Length (in km) Types of pavement
Concrete Asphalt Gravel Earth
Summary National Road 17 kms. 8 kms. 100m 8.9 km
Prov’l Road
Brgy. Road 65 kms. 4.200 kms. 25.500 kms 35.300 kms.
Mun. Street 10.379 kms. 8.5 kms. 0.900 kms 0.979 km.
Foot Road
NIA Road



Inventory and Conditions of Bridges

Name / location Classification Length (in km) Type of construction Condition
RCDG Steel Truss Timber Bailey Bridge
Pagayawan Bridge Tulay ng Pangulo 60m Steel Bailey Good
Lawiga Bridge -do- 40m -do- Good
Tunob Bridge -do- 40m -do- Good
  Total length 140m          


Domestic Water Supply

Water Supply System of the Municipality of Bacolod is being handled by the Bacolod Water District, under the supervision of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). This water system was formerly under the administration of the Local Government Unit, but due to the limited funds of the LGU and with the desire of the local administration to expand the water supply system services to the barangays, the facilities has been turned-over to the LWUA for further development hence, the creation of the Bacolod Water District. At present, the BWD have already crawled their pipelines to the coastal barangays, thus potable water supply is no longer a problem for these benefitted barangays.


Total Number of Households with Access to Potable Water

Source: Bacolod Water District

Barangay Number of


Number of Households With Access to Safe Water Percent
Alegria 130 119 92
Babalaya 109 -
Babalayan Townsite 73 -
Binuni 353 324 92
Delabayan West 67 66 98
Demologan 408 388 95
Dimarao 90 86 96
Esperanza 451 428 95
Kahayag 145 -
Liangan East 402 394 98
Mate 109 98 90
Minaulon 150 141 94
Pagayawan 146 124 85
Poblacion 1,111 1,010 99
Punod 94 50 53
Rupagan 374 347 93
All Barangays 4,212 3,525 83.69


The table shows that there are still three barangays in the municipality that has no water supply system.  The number will increase into four due to the needs of  the residence in Upper Liangan East devoid of the services of the BWD due to its location.

The Pagayawan water falls which if harnessed could generate power that can supply the province of Lanao del Norte and its three (3) neighboring provinces, has mineral spring water in its base. If this mineral spring be developed, it could support the whole municipality. Future plans for development of this mineral spring, is already in its offspring period.


Communication Facilities

The municipality is also equipped with communication facilities in order to deliver in formations and messages in sufficient ways. More tower sites were planted and set up in different places of the town. Telecom facilities like, PLDT,  GLOBE,  SUN CELL and SMART are accessible.